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You won't frown when our goats are around!

Established in 2017, Totes Goats is a veteran owned business with a mission is to unite the bond between humans and animals. What started as a local traveling petting farm business quickly turned into the premier​ tri-state area traveling goat yoga business. Totes Goat​s hosts petting farms and goat yoga events for community events, fundraisers, private parties, and general animal therapy within an hour of Warwick, NY. We pride ourselves on the meticulous love and care we provide to our animals who have forever homes with us. Over 5 years later our guests still see the same familiar animal faces at all of our events! We strive to give everyone the opportunity to experience what goat yoga is truly about and we promise it's more than just yoga. In the spring of 2022 we started hosting events on our very own farm located in Warwick, NY. 


We hope you enjoy being around our beautiful animals as much as we do!

Here's what the crew has been up to!

Goat Yoga with Old Bridge Park and Recreation

Goat Yoga with Iris Yoga Studio

What are our guests saying?

"Totes Goats is a great group of people who take care of their animals. The animals are family and it truly shows when you meet them (human, goat, pig, bunny and chicken alike). I'm glad they shared themselves with the yoga community! It brought a lot of joy." - Jaclyn Corrado

"This was such an incredible experience and it was evident the goats were truly family to these people. What netter way to clear your mind, relax, and have a fun day than with yoga and some playful lovable little goats. I can't wait to go back!!!!" - Nicole Lynn

"Animal lovers. Professional. Sincere. Family business. Solid team. Respect of animals. Would go again and again and again." - Alli Schwerd

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